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Title: Some hints on drivers of human migrations due to climate change

Citation Type: Journal Article

Publication Year: 2019

Abstract: Objectives: migration has become a key concern all over the worlds. It is necessary to identify and understand the relationship between climate change, migration and contextual factors: social, economic, political, demographic and environmental. Methods: this paper attempts to address these very complex issues by identifying the drivers of migration in the context of climate change. A interdisciplinary approach to migration is emphasized in view of the use of such understandings in policy decision. In particular it aims at underlining the importance of this approach in view of the interventions to manage migration phenomenon and public health policy. Results: some preliminary results of a bibliographic survey are presented. They will allow to apply parameters and criteria for a mathematical model to represents and forecasts migratory movements at local level and in vast areas.


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Authors: Lauriola, Paolo; Parrish, Rebecca; Leonardi, Giovanni; Colbourn, Tim; Hajat, Shakoor; Zeka, Ariana

Periodical (Full): Sistema Salute

Issue: 2

Volume: 63

Pages: 196-210

Data Collections: IPUMS Terra

Topics: Migration and Immigration, Natural Resource Management, Other