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Title: Trends in Spouses' Shared Time in the United States, 1965-2012

Citation Type: Working Paper

Publication Year: 2015

Abstract: Despite major demographic changes over the past fifty years and strong evidence that time spent with a spouse is important for marriages, we know very little about how time with a spouse has changed, or not changed, in the United States. Using time use survey data from 1965-2012, we examine trends in couples shared time in the United States during a period of major changes in American marriages and families. We find that couples without children spend more total time together and time alone together now than they did in 1965, both peaking in 1975. For parents, time spent together increased continually over the period, most dramatically for time spent with a spouse and children. Decomposition analyses show that changes in behavior rather than changing demographics explain these trends, and we find that the increases in couples shared time are primarily concentrated in leisure activities.


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Authors: Genadek, Katie R; Flood, Sarah M; Garcia Roman, Joan

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Publication Number: 2015-2

Institution: University of Minnesota


Publisher Location: Minneapolis, MN

Data Collections: IPUMS AHTUS

Topics: Family and Marriage, Gender