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Title: Estimating Internal Migration in Contemporary Mexico and its Relevance in Gridded Population Distributions

Citation Type: Journal Article

Publication Year: 2019

DOI: 10.3390/data4020050

Abstract: Given downward trends in fertility and mortality, population dynamics –and thus theestimation of spatially-explicit population dynamics and gridded population and derivativeproducts– are increasingly sensitive to mobility processes and their changes in spatiality. In thispaper, we present a procedure to produce origin-destination intermunicipal/intercounty andinterstate migration matrices, briefly discussing their use and application in gridded populationproducts. To illustrate our approach, we produce total and sex-specific matrices with informationfrom the 2000 and 2010 Mexican Census long-form 10% surveys. We share the code required toreproduce the extraction of these and for potentially at least another 122 country-periods based onharmonized publicly-available data from IPUMS International, which allow for the addition ofancillary social and economic data and individual and household levels, or IPUMS Terra, whichfurther allow for GIS-based mapping, visualization, and manipulation and for the merging ofimportant contextual, e.g., environmental, data. Besides discussing the likely limitations of thesemeasures, using official projections from the Mexican government, we illustrate howmigration/mobility data improve the estimation of spatial/gridded population dynamics. We wrapup with a call for the collection of more adequate, spatially-explicit data on residential mobility andmigration globally.


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Authors: Jones, Bryan; Riosmena, Fernando; Simon, Daniel H.; Balk, Deborah

Periodical (Full): Data

Issue: 2

Volume: 4

Pages: 1-18

Data Collections: IPUMS Terra, IPUMS USA

Topics: Migration and Immigration, Population Mobility and Spatial Demography