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Title: The Donor Footprint and Gender Haps

Citation Type: Working Paper

Publication Year: 2017

Abstract: In this paper we analyse the impact of foreign aid on gender outcomes and attitudes. We do this by matching geocoded household surveys with aid projects. This offers a middle way between project evaluations and aggregated cross-country comparisons, measuring an average community effect around projects. We find increased opportunities for women to work outside the household, which could strengthen their bargaining power. However, we find mixed results in terms of the impact on women’s control over other key areas of their lives. We argue this is related to differences in what is required for change to happen at the community level.

Url: https://www.wider.unu.edu/sites/default/files/Publications/Working-paper/PDF/wp2017-130.pdf

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Authors: Berlin, Maria, P; Bonnier, Evelina; Olofsgard, Anders

Series Title: WIDER Working Paper

Publication Number: 2017/130

Institution: UNU-WIDER

Pages: 40

Publisher Location: Helsinki, Finland

Data Collections: IPUMS DHS, IPUMS International

Topics: Gender, Labor Force and Occupational Structure, Other, Poverty and Welfare

Countries: Malawi, Uganda