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Title: An Exploration of Property-Value Impacts Near Utility-Scale Solar Installations

Citation Type: Miscellaneous

Publication Year: 2018

Abstract: Nationwide, electric utilities increasingly rely on solar installations as part of their energy portfolio. This trend begs the question of how they affect nearby home values. Understanding whether these installations are amenities or disamenities and the scale thereof will help policymakers, solar developers, and local utilities to site and build solar installations with minimal disruption to nearby communities. This paper investigates where large solar installations are located, the housing and income characteristics of the surrounding areas, and if the installations affect nearby residential property values. We approach these questions using geospatial analysis and a survey of residential property assessors. Geospatial analysis examines both housing density and median income surrounding these facilities, while the survey gauges local assessors' opinions of the impacts of these installations on property values. Property values can be a useful proxy for various non-market goods like scenic value, tax benefits, and of particular interest here, both positive and negative perceptions of utility-scale solar facilities. Our results show that while a majority of survey respondents estimated a value impact of zero, some estimated a negative impact associated with close distances between the home and the facility, and larger facility size. Regardless of these perceptions, geospatial analysis shows that relatively few homes are likely to be impacted. Though only one component of a larger analysis, these property value impacts are likely to be of growing interest as more solar facilities are built. This exploration of impacts will help inform solar developers, public officials, home assessors, and homeowners about the effects and implications of solar energy infrastructure.


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Authors: Al-Hamoodah, Leila; Koppa, Kavita; Schieve, Eugenie; Reeves, D Cale; Hoen, Ben; Seel, Joachim; Rai, Varun

Publisher: University of Texas

Data Collections: IPUMS NHGIS

Topics: Land Use/Urban Organization, Other