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Fisher, Kimberly; Hofferth, Sandra; Flood, Sarah; Garcia Roman, Joan; Lee, Yoonjoo; Gershuny, Jonathan 2015. Introducing the American Heritage Time Use Study Data Extract Builder (AHTUS-X).

Patterns of daily activities situated in the context of the location, time of day, presence of others and emotional experiences which time diaries collect offer essential data enabling us to understand what factors drive long-term trends in behaviour, and to predict how policies might encourage desirable shifts in behaviour while avoiding simultaneous change that might undermine policy aims. As daily life offers an essential dimension to a vast range of research topics, time use surveys offer better value for money than most surveys considering the potential uses for the money expended on data collection. To achieve this value for money, however, researchers need to use the data. Even now, few universities offer training in the analysis of time use data. Making access to customised data subsets ready for analysis quickly matters to the success and continued expansion of this field. The IPUMS Time Use data extract builder suite is one tool delivering essential data resources to time use researchers. This timepiece details the release of the latest project in this collection of archives, the American Heritage Time Use Study Data Extract Builder (AHTUS-X).