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Boyle, Elizabeth Heger; Gangestad, Greta; King, Miriam, L; Sarkar, Sula 2017. Women’s Labor Force Participation and Length of Breastfeeding in Four African Countries .

While increases in women's labor force participation might be expected to reduce breastfeeding, prior research results for low and middle income countries are mixed. This study advances knowledge in this area by linking data on women’s employment from IPUMS-International (Minnesota Population Center 2017) with data on breastfeeding from IPUMS-DHS (Boyle, King, and Sobek 2017). We utilize a multilevel ordered logit of data on children drawn from four African DHS: in Kenya, Malawi, Morocco, and Zambia. We test the effect not only of mother's own employment but also the level of female employment overall and in agriculture at the second administrative level. We find that women’s individual employment has no effect on length of breastfeeding, but greater levels of female employment are associated with increases in the length of breastfeeding within regions.