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A, Jourdain; T, Pham 2017. Mobility of physicians in Europe: health policies and health care provision.

OBJECTIVE: To define the place of geographical mobility of physicians in medical demography policies in EU countries. METHODS: Review of international migration assumptions in national projection models of numbers of physicians by broad categories of social protection systems in the EU. RESULTS: Some countries fail to achieve medium-term projections of the number of physicians and those that do adopt the assumption of net migration, assume that they converge to zero. Migration is not considered to be a solution to the expected shortage of physicians, but rather a problem to be solved. DISCUSSION: Three approaches to labour mobility are discussed: liberal, normative and ethical. The last approach appears to be the most popular by combining preservation of national interests with the World Health Organisation Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel. KEYWORDS: medical demography; Europe; prospective; health policy; health systems; health services research