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Jostkleigrewe, Georg 2018. 4 ‘Rex imperator in regno suo’ – An Ideology of Frenchness? Late Medieval France, Its Political Elite and Juridical Discourse.

The analysis of collective identities is certainly one of the most important and intriguing subjects of historical research.1 'The very title of the present volume reveals what might be called a sort of ontological paradox: •imagined commu­nities' do not exist as such, they are based on fictions - and yet, they form arguably the strongest social and political factor we know. In the light of this statement, it is all the more important to understand the rules governing the processes of imagination and communication which lead to the construction of collective identities as social realities.2 With regard to late medieval France, the focus of analysis has mostly been on national or monarchy-centred identities. Colette Beaune, in her study on the "Naissance de la nation Francet' investigates the symbolic and ideological...