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Admire, Read R.; Applebaum, Anna D.; Hunt, Lucas S.; Jacob, Tiffany L. 2014. Deserts in the Delta: Food Insecurity in Clay and Poinsett Counties.

This paper explores the level of community food insecurity in Clay and Poinsett Counties in the Mississippi Delta region of Northeast Arkansas. A team of graduate students from the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service partnered with the East Arkansas Planning & Development District to research this topic. The study investigated the important contributing factors and significant barriers to healthy food choices. The USDA Community Food Security Assessment Toolkit provided a template for the parameters and research methods of this study. Methods used include secondary data research and analysis, focus groups, household food security surveys, and food store surveys. Results include data for the following assessment categories: community socioeconomic and demographic characteristics; community food resources; household food security; food resource accessibility; food availability and affordability; and community food production resources. Preliminary findings indicate that Clay and Poinsett Counties have multiple high risk factors for high levels of community food insecurity.