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Butler, Santino S.; Winkfield, Karen M.; Ahn, Chul; Song, Zirui; Dee, Edward C.; Mahal, Brandon A.; Sanford, Nina N. 2020. Racial Disparities in Patient-Reported Measures of Physician Cultural Competency Among Cancer Survivors in the United States.

Racial disparities in cancer incidence and outcomes have been well documented1,2 and may be due in part to lack of physician cultural competency. A cancer diagnosis and discussions of prognosis and treatments can have widely different implications across different cultural contexts. Highlighting the importance of high-quality care for diverse cultures, the American Society of Clinical Oncology recently outlined goals for improving cultural competency within its policy statement on cancer disparities.3,4 However, nationally representative data on cultural competency among physicians is limited.We therefore examined patient–reported physician cultural competency among cancer survivors in the United States using data from a contemporary population-based survey.