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2019. Balancing college and kids: estimating time allocation differences for college students with and without children.

Student-parents (i.e., students with dependent children) are an increasingly large share of the college population, but little is known about how they balance the demands of college with those of parenthood and household responsibilities. In this article, we use data from the American Time Use Survey to explore the time-allocation decisions of student-parents, and compare them with those of their more traditional college peers, student-nonparents. We begin with exploratory descriptive statistics, which show that student-parents spend significantly less time in educational activities, but more time in paid work, than their student-nonparent peers. Our regression analysis shows that being a student-parent reduces the likelihood of paid work by 5 percentage points and is associated with 24 fewer minutes of homework and 15 fewer minutes of sleep per day, relative to student-nonparents.